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Interactive Media: Cyborg Gallery

My team and I assembled the levers out of plastic bins and some PVC. Using foil wrapping as a switch, we hooked them up to an Arduino board to control the cyborg blueprint projected onto the wall. I did the … Continue reading

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Thesis Review

Developing a concept for a character: Face expressions? How does it deform? Ignore the space suit, the sketch is to show the character’s intended face.

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Animation III Peer Critiques In this sit-to-stand exercise we see Norman bend over and stand up. His movements feel stiff and robotic because the animation lacks overlapping action. Everything seems to start and stop at more or less the same time. The speed … Continue reading

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Animation III: Reel

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Interactive Media: Assets for Paintfly Moodring Chameleon Game

Pictured are a beaker clamp and a bunsen burner for our PFMC game. Tried to stay at about 300 polys for both. I actually thought I would have more tangible contributions to add to this post, but I guess a … Continue reading

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“Lifting Heavy Object” Animation Exercise

5 hours, start to finish. Some obvious flaws but I wasn’t able to fix them in time. The step back at the end sucks and the shoulders move incorrectly. The hands snap into position too quickly during the IK/FK blend … Continue reading

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Gallery Write-up: “Ragamala: Picturing Sound” @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ragamala is an Indian style of painting that exists specifically to celebrate music. As described by the exhibition itself, this unique genre of painting uses its musical themes to celebrate love. Ragamala is Sanskrit for “garland of ragas,” raga meaning … Continue reading

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