Animation III Peer Critiques

In this sit-to-stand exercise we see Norman bend over and stand up. His movements feel stiff and robotic because the animation lacks overlapping action. Everything seems to start and stop at more or less the same time. The speed of the motion is also quite uniform, never really accelerating or slowing, which could be fixed with nicer arcs. The spine remains much too straight. When he stands fully upright from the sitting position he appears to hit a wall due to the lack of slowdown at the end of the motion. He hits another wall after taking the step. The fingers are totally lacking any animation and the hands look unnaturally stiff as a result.

This heavy-lift exercise portrays Norman lifting a catlike ball. The emotion in the beginning is conveyed rather well, but the arms feel too stiff after the sigh due to their straightness. During the actual lifting process, Norman appears to be lifting with his back which makes the object he’s lifting seem lighter. There’s also a brief period where he’s off-balance as he hoists it up past his waist. When he is about to place his foot down for his first step with the object in his arms, his back dips impossibly far backwards for a few frames, which would normally break a person’s spine. This dip also sets him off balance. It occurs a second time before he places his next step as well.

During this pace exercise, Norma walks shakily toward an unseen target. She appears to roll back on her trailing heals during contact poses, which is peculiar and causes an unnatural effect with her feet bending upwards at uncomfortable angles. It also affects the character’s balance. When she comes to a stop, she stands with her arms floating up a bit by her sides, which doesn’t feel natural with how her elbows are bent. She proceeds to draw what appears to be a pentagram in the air with her hand. The ensuing pivot she makes as she turns around feels very abrupt. All parts of her move simultaneously and immediately. Throughout the animation her hands are very stiff, with little to no animation on the fingers.


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