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Death: Metamorphosis – final revision

Animation done in Photoshop, imported to After Effects for the credits. Music composed in Milkytracker. Audio and video rendered together in Premiere Pro. Circle of life. Advertisements

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Animatic Critique – “Fruit for the Soul” by Audrey Jordan and Michael Matusick

THIS POST IS A CRITIQUE. THE ANIMATIC HEREIN IS NOT MY WORK. This is a critique on the animatic of fellow Production 2 students Audrey Jordan and Michael Matusick, as part of our grade for aforementioned class. On the whole, … Continue reading

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Dandy Lion Animatic (with foley)

I was the cat sounds. This was done in collaboration with Jody Rosenbeck for our Production II class. Jody sketched most of the frames in the storyboard and I went over them, tweaked them a bit, and added definition and … Continue reading

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robot concept

A friend of mine is working on a game thing in UDK 4 with a small group for a school project, and he asked me if I could design a knight-like steampunky mech with a furnace for a crotch. Here … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis progress 1

Blocking out poses. I might keep the angry motion and forgo the pain I was aiming for at first. I think it’s stronger this way. Done in Photoshop

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Watching the Snow

I used this track in my 2014 Motion Graphics reel. Milkytracker, 8 channels.

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Motion Graphics Reel 2014

I tossed this reel together at the behest of my motion graphics professor. This work is all from my second semester of my junior year. I composed the music in Milkytracker, then compiled it and my footage together in Adobe … Continue reading

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