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Milkytracker, 4 channels. Used as the soundtrack for an Android microgame called SuperDodger. Advertisements

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Acting for Animation

Along with the others on the Faust team, I was acting out scenes from our storyboard to reference for animation. Our director had requested that we aim for a “rotoscope-esque” aesthetic, so we plan to draw our keyframes with heavy … Continue reading

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University Police Vehicle Assets

These are the vehicle assets I created and shared for University Police’s informational motion graphics animations. In Photoshop, Cody Streeter drew the linework for the front and side views of the truck. I did the rest.

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Concept for University Police

UP is always open. Comic page drawn in Photoshop, imported into After Effects on different layers, and animated.

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Mood Board 2

I decided to elaborate a little on the Film Noir board and brought it closer to the project for University Police it’s intended for. I also provided opportunities to convey information should the image be displayed in a poster format. … Continue reading

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Mood Boards

Mood boards for a Motion Graphics assignment involving creating a campaign for University Police. Made in Photoshop from elements cobbled together from various sources. Personally I’m fond of the Film Noir-themed one because of how it came together in the … Continue reading

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