other real

guess it’s done

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other real WIP 04/24/17

Just sound left to do. And possibly one more brief shot.

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“Gorillaz style” Portraits

*Line art for the girl done by Jody Rosenbeck

Jody clearly had a better handle on Jamie Hewlett’s drawing style than I did, but I’m pretty happy with how the colors in both portraits turned out.


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You could say this is a metaphor for me getting back to work on this project, if you were so inclined.regrowth2

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a doodle and some figures

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Mockup for DMA poster


Needs better legibility. Should be easier to achieve at 300 dpi instead of the 72 it’s set to now. Might still shuffle the composition a little so it can fit the gallery opening info too.

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Dancing Furby storyboard

Jody’s idea.furbyboardddd

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