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Short films:









Animated scraps:


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animated doodle

messing with character acting I guess. No plan or context for this one.




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other real

guess it’s done

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“Gorillaz style” Portraits

*Line art for the girl done by Jody Rosenbeck

Jody clearly had a better handle on Jamie Hewlett’s drawing style than I did, but I’m pretty happy with how the colors in both portraits turned out.


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You could say this is a metaphor for me getting back to work on this project, if you were so inclined.regrowth2

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a doodle and some figures

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Mockup for DMA poster


Needs better legibility. Should be easier to achieve at 300 dpi instead of the 72 it’s set to now. Might still shuffle the composition a little so it can fit the gallery opening info too.

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Dancing Furby storyboard

Jody’s idea.furbyboardddd

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Just some stuff I’ve been up to.

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Thesis Progress

The most popular criticism among classmates was the use of mixed media for only a small portion of the project, though the sentiment was refuted by some of the faculty in attendance as a matter of taste. I’d still like to address it so that I can implement the idea without causing too much visual disparity.

The most popular criticism among faculty was the tapering of quality towards the end of the animation, an issue which I believe amounts mostly to the amount of time I’ve spent working on it. Hopefully I can squeeze another 50-70 hours of work in before the final deadline next week.

Things to fix:
Ending: Animate it
Sound: Add it
Slam: Redo it

Editing: Too rushed maybe? I dunno, the flow feels off. Nobody mentioned it but it’s bugging me.

Other Stuff to Try:
Inside out shot: fade from blue color to b&w at impact shot.
-Maybe add a couple of frames to simulate camera movement instead of a cut? (after important stuff)
Cathead walk cycle: add shadows. I think part of why it doesn’t seem to “fit,” beyond use of mixed media, is because it’s the first shot with only flat colors.

Shots Forfeited:
Reconstitution after impact (skin reforming on skeleton)
Fleeing from Cathead sequence (multiple shots)
Clickbait Sky
Discovering the Heads on Spikes

I feel like I’ve lost a lot of the concept, which was initially a focus on mankind’s ability to cope with maintaining its existence and independence in digital space.

It’s gonna be another rough weekend.

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