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I guess I’ll dump some stuff.

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Just a quick one day thing.

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Thesis Crit Response and Progress Update (Storyboard complete!)

Here’s a link to the storyboard on Google Drive. I’d put it on Vimeo but had a rendering issue and couldn’t take the .aep file home.

The big takeaway I got from the in-class review session was that the project might be too ambitious to complete in time. I cut the idea I had for the final scene, which seemed to be confusing to people anyway, so now the animation will end with the cult leader worshiping his truth.

I’ll be touching things up as I reach them while I’m animating, and I know I have to completely redo the first nine panels from scratch since I drew them with the wrong dimensions.

My next step from here will be to render camera actions (moving camera, rack focus effects, etc.) into an animatic and produce sound for it. I’m on the lookout for a good, dark, ambient music track with a sudden change in mood to use as the underlying soundbed.

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Midterm Progress

storyboard1 storyboard2.2 storyboard3 storyboard4.5 storyboard5 storyboard6 storyboard7 storyboard8 guywalkpanelconstruction

Progress has been slower than I’d prefer. I’m getting mired down in concept and every time I get an idea I have to come to a full stop and decide on what using it would mean for the piece. I think I need to care a little less; this is starting to feel all too familiar.

Anyway, in these storyboard panels you can see where the color scheme shifts dramatically to represent a change in atmosphere. At this point, I have an “intermediate” shot between the two major color schemes that have been laid out so far. The shot, a wide shot of the character walking through an outdoors environment, rests somewhat ambiguously between the warms from the interior of the character’s home and the cools from the cultists’ lair. The colors are similar to those of the opening shots, so they aren’t just coming out of nowhere.

All the panels are drawn at 1920×1080 because I’m trying to cut down on total work time by actually developing the backgrounds and animation as I work on them. (In order to accomplish this, the .psd files are robust, to say the least.) This means that when I string them together to create my animatic, it should read pretty well. From there I’ll be able to dive right into doing the in-between frames. I’m finding the painterly style to be fairly easy to replicate over a span of many drawings, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to maintain it for the final animation.  The final image of the post is an animated .gif outlining my process of constructing each panel in order to show how the layers are broken apart.

I tried a bit of experimentation with the main character’s walk. What I have here is something I did wrong, which taught me what not to do. I wanted to see how the walk would look if I put the down on the passing position and the up on the contact. As it is, it’s not working very well because the character looks way too jaunty. I think I’m going to have to dial that down by limiting his motion; in the walk cycle that’ll mean much shorter steps, less of a difference between the down and the up heights, and probably a little less arm swing to boot. In terms of other animation, it means less is more. In contrast, I’m putting a lot of focus into making sure the masked cult leader has a range of silhouettes that accentuate motion. The spiral hat/hair/thing sticking out of the top of his head proves to be an interesting challenge here, since I’m trying to avoid having it overlap with any other features in order to maintain that readability.

My character designs are no longer the same as they were when I first began conceptualizing them, but they’re still consistent throughout the storyboards I’ve done thus far.

There’s one more major color scheme I’ll be introducing once the main character is “indoctrinated,” then one final shift after that as the character makes its way back into its home at the end.

Egregiously, I haven’t had the opportunity to scan the storyboard panel thumbnails I’ve sketched. I’ll add those panels to this post as soon as I’m able.

I’m considering scrapping the whole “trippy room warping” effect I have going on in some of the early panels, because it doesn’t make too much sense with the direction I’m taking the concept.

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Senior Project 1 post-review

vis1 vis2

I opted to focus on this idea. Much of the critique I got was relatively non-constructive, probably because I hadn’t offered any alternative pieces to contrast this one with. One thing I was told was that the fat character is reminiscent of Oogie Boogie, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. That’s a distinction I’d prefer to avoid through the character’s acting style, as he is supposed to be quite contrary to Oogie Boogie.

Reaching beyond the classroom for ideas landed me a few helpful tips, and one of my major concerns was affirmed: so far the story hasn’t begun to take shape. I have only a vague idea of where I want the story to progress from where I am, and I’m not even certain which of the characters I want to change and grow. My conflict is presently ambiguous at best. I may have to scrap the storyboard I’ve already completed and pick it up from later in the story.

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stupid doodle


That jerk brought an axe to a rock fight.

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Moodboard Pitches

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Moodboards, pitches!

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