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Regicide (chiptune)

Took a break from animating to add some stuff on to a WIP track I had floating around for a while. I like ~1:50-2:10. 6 channels, 4 instruments. Made in Milkytracker. Advertisements

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Game On, Boy [Chiptune]

4 channel track with only 1 instrument composed in Milkytracker. The XM file is 20 kb. The kick sounds are done with pitch bending. I tried to stick to the limitations of the Game Boy sound chip.

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Interactive Media – Max Interactive Visualizer Patch

I was introduced to the Max/MSP/Jitter environment with the task of creating a “visual instrument,” which would use a custom controller I was to build from scratch out of an Arduino Leonardo and whatever spare materials I could cobble together. … Continue reading

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Watching the Snow

I used this track in my 2014 Motion Graphics reel. Milkytracker, 8 channels.

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Milkytracker, 4 channels. Used as the soundtrack for an Android microgame called SuperDodger.

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Day by Day

WiP name: “notukelele” 6 channels, Milkytracker

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Sine of Time

This one’s a remix, kind of. I typically don’t do that sort of thing but I wanted to play around with changing tempo in a song and I figured the Song of Time from the Legend of Zelda series would … Continue reading

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