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Business Card

Possible business card design, modeled from common clickbait that people seem to love sharing. It doubles as subversive satire and an experiment. Will people who see it just scroll past because they’ve been desensitized to this type of information, or … Continue reading

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Senior Thesis: Progress Journal 02/22/15

Character design stuff. Current design isn’t working though. The second set of mugshots is the same character as a child.

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Senior Thesis: Progress Journal 02/15/15

  Still making fish.

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Game On, Boy [Chiptune]

4 channel track with only 1 instrument composed in Milkytracker. The XM file is 20 kb. The kick sounds are done with pitch bending. I tried to stick to the limitations of the Game Boy sound chip.

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Senior Thesis: Progress Journal 02/01/15

Been considering colors, splashed a bit of color onto a page from the storyboard to see how it would look. I still have a lot more exploring to do before I find something that’s both viable and palatable. Also constantly … Continue reading

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