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Animated Print

I took a photo of my shirt, broke it apart in Photoshop, and animated it in After Effects using 3D layers. The sound levels on the headset took the longest; I created five unique images of the display and cycled … Continue reading

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Day by Day

WiP name: “notukelele” 6 channels, Milkytracker

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Sine of Time

This one’s a remix, kind of. I typically don’t do that sort of thing but I wanted to play around with changing tempo in a song and I figured the Song of Time from the Legend of Zelda series would … Continue reading

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The Art World

Last night I attended a lecture given by a girl who grew up with too much money and supremely easygoing parents. It must be nice, the life of the wealthy, when they can, on a whim, buy 500 pounds of … Continue reading

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