Filter Low (Untrue Love Prompt)

Untrue Love prompt for Advanced Animation

A raggedy, ethereal creature living on a world of refuse searches for a way to prolong its life, but ultimately decides that crafting some legacy is more important to it than literal survival.

I’m not happy with this. I spent way too long teaching myself things about the medium I did it with and eventually ran out of time to actually finish. I’d love to revisit it sometime and make it a more palatable piece.

The shaders, which I initially wanted to hand-paint, are instead custom toon shaders. The music is something I composed a very long time ago, though I’d much rather compose something specific for this piece.

I did learn quite a lot about rigging in Maya though. In fact I believe that, despite the results I got here, taking the time to thoroughly learn what I wanted to know will help me a great deal down the road.


About torinmurphy

Animator in training. Connoisseur of concepts. Today I live to see. Tomorrow I'll live to show. Every day I live to learn.
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