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  This week in doodles…

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Simple Color Palette Generator!

So I spent a few minutes making this swf tool to help create basic color palettes fast:



In order to use it you have to slide the obnoxiously tiny, almost entirely transparent arrow you’ll find at the bottom of the bar to the right of the circle. Rotate the teardrop until it “points” to the main color you plan to use; all the colorsĀ  inside the drop will be more or less fair game for you to use in the same image.

**You’ll have to print screen or something if you want to save your palette.

Keep in mind that there’s no science whatsoever here, and there will probably still be colors you’ll find inside the teardrop that won’t look so great together. User discretion is advised.

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Some doodles.

Just some stuff I dun drew these past couple weeks.

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2/3 of the really difficult shots done.

The second shot in particular is the one that worried me the most in the entire project, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out. Modified the first shot a bit so I’m reuploading it.



^ Rough timings for the next bit (Pages 3-4 of the storyboard). This one will take a day to finish. The background during the part where the character begins to turn inside-out is going to be animated.


^ A look into the timing for page 5. I’m going to have to figure out a good way to animate semi-transparent dust effects. I’ll probably just use a brush on 50% opacity. Should be fun.

The plan is to have all this done by next week.

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Character ideas for a side project.

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Second few seconds…


Still a WIP. Needs in-betweens. Those’ll be done by Friday.

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First few seconds…


Man this is some weird shit.

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