Thesis Crit Response and Progress Update (Storyboard complete!)

Here’s a link to the storyboard on Google Drive. I’d put it on Vimeo but had a rendering issue and couldn’t take the .aep file home.

The big takeaway I got from the in-class review session was that the project might be too ambitious to complete in time. I cut the idea I had for the final scene, which seemed to be confusing to people anyway, so now the animation will end with the cult leader worshiping his truth.

I’ll be touching things up as I reach them while I’m animating, and I know I have to completely redo the first nine panels from scratch since I drew them with the wrong dimensions.

My next step from here will be to render camera actions (moving camera, rack focus effects, etc.) into an animatic and produce sound for it. I’m on the lookout for a good, dark, ambient music track with a sudden change in mood to use as the underlying soundbed.


About torinmurphy

Animator in training. Connoisseur of concepts. Today I live to see. Tomorrow I'll live to show. Every day I live to learn.
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