Senior Project 1 post-review

vis1 vis2

I opted to focus on this idea. Much of the critique I got was relatively non-constructive, probably because I hadn’t offered any alternative pieces to contrast this one with. One thing I was told was that the fat character is reminiscent of Oogie Boogie, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. That’s a distinction I’d prefer to avoid through the character’s acting style, as he is supposed to be quite contrary to Oogie Boogie.

Reaching beyond the classroom for ideas landed me a few helpful tips, and one of my major concerns was affirmed: so far the story hasn’t begun to take shape. I have only a vague idea of where I want the story to progress from where I am, and I’m not even certain which of the characters I want to change and grow. My conflict is presently ambiguous at best. I may have to scrap the storyboard I’ve already completed and pick it up from later in the story.


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