Animation III: Bouncing Ball

The first exercise I was asked to complete in Animation III was a 3D take on the classic bouncing ball. As per protocol, I shot my own reference footage for one of the balls and selected reference footage from the class pool for the other two. The first reference footage I used was my own shot of an orange, the second was some kind of heavy therapy ball, and the third was a baseball.

Original submission:

During critique, it was pointed out to me that the slide and settle at the end of the orange’s animation appeared too sudden and unnatural. The baseball also squashed/stretched too much, which cost it the rigid quality a baseball should have.  In addition to that, the baseball’s arcs were not yet correct and it appeared to stick at its peaks.

Resubmission based on critique:

I spent the most effort refining the orange. I made the squash and stretch a bit more natural and eased it into its final slide and settle. I also better accounted for its slightly oblong shape with some subtle motion on the y axis as it rolled. To refine the baseball, I brought the lows in each arc to the same level when I realized that they were sort of all over the place, which I assume is a consequence of following the reference footage too closely. After that, I broke the tangents on each low point in the arcs, sharpening the change in y direction on the contacts and softening it on the peaks, which alleviated the apparent sticking that was pointed out previously. Unfortunately through all this, I left the final few frames of animation unchecked. I’ll have to be more careful in the future.



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