Animated Storyboard: Dandylion

This is being done in collaboration with Jody Rosenbeck for our Production II class. Jody sketched most of the frames in the storyboard and I went over them, tweaked them a bit, and added definition and detail. Some panels were all her, a couple were all me, but most of them are from the two of us.

The story and character designs are hers.

Jody photographed the panels and I cut them apart in Photoshop, edited the levels, brought them into After Effects, and stitched them together to achieve a sense of timing.

Unfortunately most of the frames were drawn a little small and the photos ended up being a bit blurry as a result, but we don’t have time to go back and redo them.


About torinmurphy

Animator in training. Connoisseur of concepts. Today I live to see. Tomorrow I'll live to show. Every day I live to learn.
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