Advanced Animation progress 2: Untrue Love

fucktrash copyDoll head renderThe first image is a mockup of how I plan to mix 3d animation and foreground elements with 2d backgrounds. My plan is to paint backgrounds for each camera shot, render the animation in Maya without background elements, and composite the thing together in After Effects. I may resort to using Maya for some background elements, such as the clouds and lightning, which I can make and animate more easily and smoothly with Maya’s dynamic fluids system.

The second image is a render of the doll head I modeled for use in this project. I’ll be swapping between shaders during the animation; for close-up shots involving this asset, I plan to render it with the custom plastic mental ray shader I made and used in this image. For shots including it which won’t require such detail I plan to render it with a customized blinn shader which I hope will approximate the other closely enough.


About torinmurphy

Animator in training. Connoisseur of concepts. Today I live to see. Tomorrow I'll live to show. Every day I live to learn.
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